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Our company located in the Coconut Triangle, the heart of Sri Lanka’s

Coconut Cultivation Excellence. Therefore, we can supply the best raw materials quantities throughout the year. These requirements can be met to a high standard at the discretions of the customer. We licensed by the Coconut Development Authority.

Our products are manufactured by experienced workers with a clear knowledge of horticulture and the coconut/coir industry. We always use the latest technology. So, our products are always with the highest quality.

Our main business is coconut-based products.;

These products are manufactured, sold and distributed by our own company. Therefore, we are fully responsible for all these products until you receive them. Our business is spread all over Europe because of the high quality, uninterrupted supply of demand, and the timely delivery of our customer’s requests.

All our coir and coconut products are purely produced from the indispensable coconut tree in the Modern World.

Greenhouse products

Interior of the greenhouses gets warm during the day due to heat of the Sun. At night it is cool outside but warm inside. It is warm inside even during the winter, because of the heat of the Sun is trapped on the glass walls.
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Cocopeat products

Our underline theme is to continue to protect the environment. All of our products are 100% eco-friendly. Therefore, we are number one in distributing Coco Peat products throughout the Europe due to the high quality of our products.
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Coir fiber products

They are used as a construction material since natural fibers are always eco-friendly. These products are indispensable for future existence.
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Husk chip products

These allow the plants to properly water and supply air to the plants. They are widely used as mulch for non-soil plants and in landscaping.
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Coconut Oil and Cream

These are one of the most important products in coconut. They are an essential ingredient in everyday cooking and the kitchen.
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Come to us to get all the high-quality spices that are essential in cooking in the World.

We have the freshest fruits that are gifts from Mother Nature which satisfy the nerves of the tongue.

Let’s drink tea and herbal drinks whenever possible to keep our bodies healthy. We have all those quality products.

We have many more incredible products that you can buy. All these products are available at reasonable prices, in the quantities you need, whenever you want, anywhere in the World.

COIR products for the future of the WORLD

Going green is the call of the 21st century.

Being a geotextile fiber and bio-degradable in nature, the fiber is completely eco-friendly and very strong.

COIR can be used for a variety of applications that are effective and environmentally friendly.

it’s an export-oriented industry and it earns more money in foreign exchange for the country.

Coir is one of the most versatile fiber.

Coir sector offers many employment opportunities.

The key source of coir is COCONUT.

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Upcoming products

We have many more incredible products that you can buy. All these products are available at reasonable prices, in the quantities you need, whenever you want,  anywhere in the World.

Our company LANIS has more valuable products that are essential in the World today. Some of them have already partnered with some European countries and we have already started. Soon, we will be working with other countries around the World to bring you LANIS products with products made from those countries. What makes special is that we import and distribute all of them from our own company called LANIS. Until then, we will show you some of them as follows ….